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In 1973 Dr. O. Talmadge Spence, founder of the Foundations Ministries, inaugurated the publication Straightway as a literary outreach of the Christian Purities Fellowship. The term Straightway is taken from Mark 1:18 with the emphasis upon the immediate response of the disciples to forsake their nets and follow Christ. Straightway continues to be a publication dedicated to dealing with issues of the contemporary in the light of the Word of God. Since the passing away of Dr. O. Talmadge Spence in the year 2000, the responsibility of the writings has been his son's, Dr. H. T. Spence, successor as president and pastor of the Foundations Bible College and Collegiate Church.

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Dr. H. T. Spence  |  Publication Date: May–June 2018

In all the great movements in God’s providence (though some have been of greater influence and magnitude), none has arisen at a more crucial hour in Church history than the Fundamentalist movement. We must remember that Fundamentalism was not a denomination but a trans-denominational movement in its influence. We must also keep in mind that the beginning of any historical movement is very fluid; only its future will determine where it will flow and how it will end—in greatness of truth or in tragedy of spiritual demise. Fundamentalism began not as an organization but rather as an organism.


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