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In 1973 Dr. O. Talmadge Spence, founder of the Foundations Ministries, inaugurated the publication Straightway as a literary outreach of the Christian Purities Fellowship. The term Straightway is taken from Mark 1:18 with the emphasis upon the immediate response of the disciples to forsake their nets and follow Christ. Straightway continues to be a publication dedicated to dealing with issues of the contemporary in the light of the Word of God. Since the passing away of Dr. O. Talmadge Spence in the year 2000, the responsibility of the writings has been his son's, Dr. H. T. Spence, successor as president and pastor of the Foundations Bible College and Collegiate Church.

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Dr. H. T. Spence  |  Publication Date: September–December 2008

I continue to plead with all Christian composers, teachers, and pastors to return to a biblical philosophy for their music. Do not be pressed into accepting the contemporary styles of music which are becoming more and more the norm of the “specials” of many church services. It is alarming to hear the recordings released from a large number of our Fundamental colleges; many of the musical selections chosen are of a sound. It is a sedative to the soul and a slow but deliberate means for the heart’s assimilating of the world and the flesh. Unless the preachers stand up and clean out the contemporary song from both choir and congregation, all will be over for the spiritual soundness of our churches. Once the contemporary taste is in the heart, the return to a more excellent way will never be desired.

Things that may be “all right” sometimes lead to things that turn out to be “all wrong.” It is imperative that we, as the church of the Living Christ, choose between “good” and “best” rather than simply “good” and “evil”; for the best way is the safer way when time makes its mark on the matter.


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