Volume 31 | Number 1 | January 2003

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The Fellowship Organization and Purpose

By Dr. O. Talmadge Spence

(Taken from the first Straightway Newsletter - 1973)

From an unpretentious meeting on July 14, 1973, came the launching of a new Ship of Hope. With a charter membership of 20 Christians, we have dedicated ourselves to the spiritual prospect of actively engaging in a venture of Christian soul-winning and soul building with a pointed purpose and emphasis upon Christian Purities.

We take as our biblical trust the words of Job and Paul: "The righteous also shall hold on his way, and he that hath clean hands shall be stronger and stronger" (Job 17:9). "Keep thyself pure" (I Timothy 5:22b).

In our own modern society, there seems to be a general lack of emphasis upon the "purities" of the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. Many evangelical circles are widening their practical interpretations of Scripture to a mere semantic, situational ethic that does not stand upon the biblical absolutes. The precious law of separation as presented so forthrightly in the Bible is not being heard in the land, and a kind of schizophrenic witness is being promulgated through many churches.

We are also hearing much about a pentecostalism that does not bear the impress of practical, biblical holiness, and claims of super-spiritualities are being voiced abroad in the land.

It is earnestly believed that there is a group of Christians who are hungering and searching for a clarion call back to the full authority of the Scriptures, with an active, practical desire for evangelism with pure motives and methods. We share affinities for the verbal, plenary propositional revelation of God as revealed through the Scriptures. We would desire to take the Gospel Message of Christian Purity everywhere we find an open door. We desire compassion without compromise _ to emphasize our message above our method. We are available to go wherever there is an invitation to sincere faith.

If you are interested in any of our ministries for your church, youth organization, civic club, or home, write us. We also have a ladies' program of projects.

We are building a library of the Purity Classics of the Bible, and an accurate statistical bank of the moral needs of our nation, church, and home. It is our purpose to use the printed page, film, seminar, convention, and evangelistic service, small or great.

A quarterly entitled Straightway will carry the voice of our purpose and plan for the scheduling of our program. If you are desirous of information concerning the possibility of joining CPF, contact any one of the Board of Directors, who will act as your sponsor to membership.

It is our sincere prayer that we might assist and supplement the evangelical and fundamental churches under our influence, and it is not to be construed that we are seeking an organizational entity within ourselves.

Let us all pray for repentance, revival, and purity in these days.