Volume 44 | Number 5 | September–November 2016

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Pastoral Thoughts Following the 2016 Presidential Election

By Dr. H. T. Spence

The election of our forty-fifth President of the United States has brought our country to what has been called “a miracle in political history.” Only God knows what is ahead for our country as this new president enters the responsibilities of the Oval Office. Although he has been privy to classified information concerning our country (as all candidates running for president are), in January of 2017 he will more fully understand what has really taken place during these preceding years concerning our country. Additionally, it may not be for several years until this president-elect comes to realize the far-reaching problems, complexities, and destructive perplexities that have been planted deep within our governmental system to only surface at an appointed time for intentional destruction. The deliberate national woundings and the systematically injected, deadly poison of anti-Americanism and ungodliness that have been forced into the very veins of our country’s existence and life by the previous administration have truly caused permanent and irreparable damage that will never permit our country to return to any semblance of moral health and sincere consciousness of the true God of the Bible. Many laws passed in this present administration are now irreversible. They remain oppressively with us to the end of our national history.

This President-elect Donald Trump had never run for any political office before. In fact, few if any former presidents entered this office without some political or military experience. The polls were deceptively against him; the Republican Party was often maliciously against him; the President of our country was antagonistically against him; his opponents were vehemently against him; and the media were connivingly against him. Nevertheless, God brought this crude, unpolished underdog, and his somewhat rebellious voice of present-day conservatism, from the bottom of the pack of possibilities to the top of national leadership.

About three o’clock Wednesday morning, this man came down the stairs of an auditorium in New York City, just a few blocks from his opponent, to accept his presidential win before an audience of loyal family members and friends. His manner before the waiting audience seemed to have been one of humility as he received a standing ovation. His speech over these months of his campaign has been with limited poise and elocution. It was evident that his life was now entering an arena he has never known before. To many he may not have the finesse and the political suaveness of some previous presidents, but he seems to be a man that what you see is what he is. For his victory address early Wednesday morning, he stood with his family. Though married three times, Mr. Trump is a man obsessively married to the passion of his life—business. And any woman who would consider marriage to him must know this; some women could never live in such a second-place position. Yet he seems to believe in the family with a wife and children. Respectfully, his children have invested their lives in a positive, natural way, being successful in their own right without turning to the debauchery of this world. Surprisingly rare especially in politics, Mr. Trump is a man who does not smoke or drink (unlike the Clintons).

Mr. Trump has been a man who, in spite of bankruptcy a few times, has risen in the natural world to be a global financier. He is a man who has made his fortune himself. Yet he is a man given to pragmatism in order to succeed; he does not hide the fact. He never campaigned to be a church pastor; he campaigned to be the president of a country fallen into the powers of deep sin. In these days of expediency among politicians, we cannot expect a godly man to even be running a campaign for presidency in this country. And those who profess to be a Christian are part of the Neo-Christian crowd.

While other men in this race over these many months were politically known, this man had no political past exampling what he is for or against. Though he knows the game of business, he was thrown into a world of nasty, filthy, dirty politics. Can a man live in such a context and not be affected? Amidst the political correctness that swells the mouths of many politicians, at times it was refreshing to hear his plain speech.

Now in Washington, what will Mr. Trump have to become to do what he believes must be done to fulfill his dream of making America great again? He was a man that mainly ran his campaign on what was wrong with America. No other candidate, even among the Republicans, was willing to openly and candidly acknowledge that our country was no longer great. No other candidate took the strong stand against radical Muslims invading our country bringing their raw potential terrorism. No other candidate has ever on national television dared attack the New World Order and the diabolical men and women who are part of the conspiracy to overthrow America, its economy, and its independence. The integral relationship of the Rockefellers, Rothschilds, Clintons, and Bushes to the Bilderberger Group’s New World Order has never been confronted by a national candidate. But this crude, nonpolitical man did it with clarity and poignantly. He also dared attack, without finesse, the illegal immigrant nightmare that distresses our country, boldly giving a remedy for it. He defiantly confronted Hillary Clinton and declared she should be imprisoned. Yes, this seventy-year-old man, like an old junkyard dog, has barked against the invaders into this junkyard nation. And he dares to believe he is not only able to keep the invaders out but also able to clean up the junkyard.

What were the hopes and dreams he expressed for America in his early-morning acceptance speech?

  1. His initial hope is that after this brutal, bloody, nasty campaign, America will be able to bind its wounds of division. (We, as Christians see the importance of this.)
  2. He pleads for the factions evident in these months to come together as one people.
  3. His desires to be a president to all of America, for as he said, “This is important to me.” (We have not had a president to support our privilege of serving God with liberty in this country without being openly attacked by the nation’s leadership. Yes, this is important in a pluralistic society that America has become.)
  4. He wants to reach out and unify the country.
  5. He believes what he was part of was not so much a campaign but a movement made up of millions of men and women who wanted a better country for themselves and the future of their families.
  6. He wants to return to a government that serves the people; and, as he said, “The people we will serve.”
  7. He wants to renew America and rebuild the American dream.
  8. He wants to rebuild the infrastructure of America, its cities, roads, bridges, and the heart of America.
  9. He wants to take care of our veterans. He stated, “The time spent with them over these many months of travel was one of my greatest honors.” (Yes, this has been a forgotten group in our country for these past eight years.)
  10. He wants to call upon the best and the greatest of talents among us to make America great again. (It has been evident that the worst among men have been placed in charge of America over these past recent years.)
  11. He states that he has a great economic plan that will bring the greatest economic growth, making us the strongest economy in the world.
  12. We will get along with all the nations who are willing to get along with us.
  13. His belief is that “no dream is too big, no challenge is too great, nothing that we want is beyond our reach. America will never settle for anything less than the best.”
  14. He stated, “We must reclaim our nation, our destiny, and dream big. We want to dream big and bold and daring. We have to do that. We are going to dream beautiful things and successful things once again.”

After eight long, dark, despairing, immoral, perverted years, these words truly are refreshing to hear from a national leader.

Once again we were impressed by his careful desire to thank many people such as his departed parents and their investment in his life, his sisters and brothers, his immediate family present. He also took care to thank his staff, the two hundred generals who cast in their lot of support to him, and several Congressional Medal of Honor individuals. He clearly acknowledged his respect for the United States Secret Service and their loyalty to him, as well as the law enforcement of New York whom he declared has been under-appreciated. Yes, these words of acknowledgment have gone unexpressed over these many years. Members of the Secret Service have been called pigs by both Presidents Obama and Clinton, by their wives and their children. There has been no respect shown to those who continue to serve them. Also, the deplorable immorality of Presidents Clinton and then Obama has contributed to several Secret Service officers’ descent into immoral lifestyles. Yes, it was most honorable to hear words of respect from this president-elect for those who serve our leaders and nation.

Bringing his speech to a close, his final words, marked with a most expressive tone were, “I love this country.” We must admit, we were moved in heart to see this “miracle” in our country considering the past several years. What person could inherit such a White House of debauchery, immorality, Islamic religion, and God-condemning, sinful leadership? Yes, we were moved in heart to hear these words of hope to pull our country out of the sheer embarrassment we have become in the world and to the world. When leadership is debauched over a period of time, the people of a country will naturally tend to slide into low-living, with no respect for appearance and life. Such leadership breeds hostility, violence, hatred, disrespect, self-centeredness, and anarchy. Sad to say, this is the kind of filth this president must face when he enters office. We pray that he and his family will restore dignity to the presidential office.

However, amidst the noble words of aspiration for our country, we vainly waited to hear from this president-elect any acknowledgment of God concerning this shocking political upset. We did hear Vice President-elect Mike Pence clearly declare, “We are grateful to God for His amazing grace.” Also, Mr. Priebus, when called to the podium, declared, “Thank God.” But conspicuously absent was any acknowledgment of or gratitude to God uttered from Mr. Trump’s lips.

Does Mr. Trump believe that his savvy for business has been his intellect and power alone? Does he believe that he can make America great again simply by his experience in business with humanistic wisdom and talent? What is his definition of greatness? Is it a nation prospering with jobs for everyone and coming to economic prosperity while still without God? Is America to become a product of recovery by means of the powers of corporate reason, talent, and money? Will there be any acknowledgment of God, when God has been thrown out of schools, courts, government, and the morals of this nation? As long as sodomy has free rein in this country (which will make its voice more strongly known now with this president-elect), as long as the attacks against the God-given law of marriage are permitted to have free course among the nation, and the legalization of abortion is freely and forcefully committed in this country, this nation will still be doomed and damned by the God of heaven.

The Bible is very clear about the blessings of God upon a nation. “Righteousness exalteth a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people.” Righteousness, natural righteousness by its leaders and rising as the law of the land, is the only way God will ever permit us to rise again. We must remember that Sodom, according to Ezekiel 16:49, was iniquitously filled with “pride, fullness of bread, and abundance of idleness . . . neither did she strengthen the hand of the poor and needy.” Such powers have already been embedded in the fabric of our country; and the LGBT movement and lifestyle is so woven now into the warp and woof of America that it will not be oppressed or hindered. Mr. Trump acknowledges that though he is for the family and that marriage is defined as the joining of a man and woman, the same-gender marriage has been passed into law and we simply need to move on.

One cannot bring America back to greatness with this vast, threaded network of diabolical living pervading school books and curricula, as well as mandatory training sessions of corporations and businesses. Churches and ministers dealing with these issues are still liable before the courts in the context of “hate speech.” The First Amendment is still on the executioner’s scaffold; its lever could be pulled during this coming presidency. This trans-gender perversion is what the governor’s race in North Carolina was basically pivoting on. Our incumbent Governor Pat McCrory has remained true in refusing to permit this perversion in the state while Roy Cooper forwards it. As of this writing, vote tallies have not been resolved.

Having entered this unique period for our nation, we have reflected upon the exhortation of Paul in First Timothy 2:1–4 concerning prayer:

I exhort therefore, that, first of all, supplications, prayers, intercessions, and giving of thanks, be made for all men; For kings, and for all that are in authority; that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and honesty. For this is good and acceptable in the sight of God our Saviour; Who will have all men to be saved, and to come unto the knowledge of the truth.

Amidst the laws that have already been placed in the infrastructure of American society through the demonic sway of present leadership, we must now pray that God will move upon Mr. Trump to maintain our religious liberties as God-fearing people, and that future laws passed will not infringe on our constitutional rights to believe according to the dictates of our conscience as we view the Scriptures to declare. And amidst the complications of a pluralistic society, we pray that Mr. Trump will be our president as well.

We must pray that God will keep this president-elect from the powers that boldly and confidently control the world governments of our time. These men are those who control global money. It has now been revealed that Mr. Trump was approached Monday before the elections by representatives of the global elitists, promising him that they would guarantee he would win the presidential election if he gave some concessions to them when he became president. Quite evidently, these men were now turning away from the manipulative support of Trump’s opponent. Trump refused the offer and told them he would let the populace vote play out. Did God honor him in this profound matter? Consequently, now he is a marked man by the global elitists. Amidst the heavy Secret Service (or even the potential of insider betrayal), may God be His security.

We must pray that he will be a humble man acknowledging the need of God. The warning to national leaders is found in the history of Nebuchadnezzar who was admonished in a dream about his pride (Daniel 4). Observe this leader’s heart twelve months later:

He walked in the palace of the kingdom of Babylon. The king spake, and said. Is not this great Babylon that I have built for the house of the kingdom by the might of my power, and for the honour of my majesty? While the word was in the king’s mouth, there fell a voice from heaven, saying, O king Nebuchadnezzar, to thee it is spoken; The kingdom is departed from thee (vv. 29–31).

As Mr. Trump comes with his intentions as a leader to make America great, his pride could become his downfall. We need to pray that he will learn to pray for guidance, counsel, and discernment from God when so many are now out to destroy him and that which he professes to represent.

Though we pray for Mr. Trump to become a Christian, our concern in this immediate hour is that he will be a national leader who will simply acknowledge God, His providence, His benevolence, and be a president given to thanksgiving to the God of heaven. This is also the warning of Romans 1:21, “Because that, when they knew God, they glorified him not as God, neither were thankful; but became vain in their imaginations, and their foolish heart was darkened.” Mr. Trump may have dreams and goals for this country; he may have a genuine burning vision for the betterment of this nation, which he says he loves. Yet we pray that in the White House he will come to see the need of God for his administration. Our nation has become acclimatized to secularism. This is the belief of “the arm of the flesh,” the times of the Gentiles, the Day of Man. Secularism has been the ruling god of the White House as well as of the legislative and judicial branches of our government; it tyrannously rules the educational system of America, the government agencies, and the business corporations. In order for this president-elect to overcome the pervading political correctness that he has attacked, God must be on his side.

This newly chosen president of the people will face the debris and the mire of a nation that has been taught for nearly a decade the sub-culture of life in every aspect. The God-given honor of being a man or a woman has fallen to indignity in our country. The respect for life, liberty, and property of others has been brought to utter disdain. The ethnic races of people found in our country have been intentionally stirred up to hatred, disrespect for one another, disunity, violence, confusion of living, and obsessions for a dishonorable self-preservation without regard of others. Law and order are abhorred, and our society has been taught to bring to naught all law and those who are honorably appointed to protect the rights of others. This president must face the logic of absolutes being exchanged for the “crazy,” the “bizarre,” and the “insane.” In decades past such insanity was despised by society. For example, the killing spree of the Charles Manson clan was a rare incident that rocked our nation’s conscience for weeks. Now the violence throughout our country (and much of it is suppressed by the media) depicted in such criminally-bizarre cases seems so common an event, and even the news media take the side of the guilty rather than the victims. Yes, we must pray for this president-elect and what he must face in the utter folly of life and criminality in our country.

We must pray for Mr. Trump as he faces the Muslim world that has a deliberate, satanic plan to overthrow this country from within. Their purpose and intent does not change with a new president. No doubt the “pay-to-play” scheme of the Clintons would have brought an unrestrained dimension to Islam if Mr. Trump’s opponent had won; it would have been swift and sure in the coming months. But whatever this president-elect has said about radical Islamic terrorist attacks in this country, and Islam’s motivation of hatred and oppression, the religion will press on with revitalized hope of taking over the country. They are well entrenched, and a massive number of Islamic immigrants have been strategically planted in cell form around our country. They await the day of their full manifestation as the money continues to pour in by the hundreds of millions of dollars for the building of mosques and educational facilities throughout America.

We have expected and perhaps still expect some retaliation or delay concerning Mr. Trump’s inauguration. Nevertheless, the present leadership seems to be content at what it has accomplished even without the need of Hillary to further it. President Obama stated that he promised a smooth transition to President-elect Trump, calling on Americans to stand behind their new leader and cheer for his success.

Yes, we must pray for this president-elect. We prayed for the removal of one, and for the defeat of a Jezebel president-elect. But we are trusting that Mr. Trump is God’s will for this hour in our country. He seems to be better than what we have; he seems to be better than what we could have received; but only God knows what he really is, and what he will be once he enters the powers of the Oval Office.

If we feel better about this president-elect, we dare not breathe a sigh of relief that the storm is past and a season of peace is ahead. We may well witness a lull and calm for a short time; but it may be the prelude before the final storm for this country. We must remember that enemies are still deeply entrenched in the government; they will be unrelenting despite the president-elect. We are in a time of the shaking of all nations, including America, that will only increase the world’s transitioning into the Tribulation Period.

It is still true that we are in the prophetic time of the ankles of the Image of Man’s Day, the times of the Gentiles. The two divisions of the world are yet ahead in the feet and the appearance of the world rulers found in the ten toes. And a man called the Antichrist will endeavor to rule them, though the iron cannot be mixed with the miry clay. Daniel told Nebuchadnezzar, “God hath made known to the king what shall come to pass hereafter: and the dream is certain, and the interpretation thereof sure.”

Eventually, all governments, including the government of the United States, must collapse. For man can only go so far in his governing; his number is six; he will never rise to seven, the number of perfection. The corrupt policies of our government will not be diminished, even for Mr. Trump. And no doubt, this president-elect will continue to be a man of pragmatism. But let us pray for him, that he perhaps will be somewhat of a restrainer of evil and an encourager of good.

Yes, we must pray for this president-elect as riots against his election have already broken out in the cities. Liberalism, both politically and religiously, breeds anarchy in government and life. We have a nation of sinfully spoiled and pampered inhabitants who will throw their tantrums if they do not get their way. This is contemporary America, reaching the inevitable end of democracy. Yes, we must pray for Mr. Trump as he enters a chaotic country on the eve of its own implosion. Vice President-elect Mike Pence seems to be a man of integrity and character, a man who makes a public identification as a Christian; perhaps he may make an honorable contribution to this president-elect. But whatever unfolds in the providence of God, our hope and trust is not in a man or his abilities: God’s prophecies have already sealed the future. We look to God in heaven, and for the coming of His Son. This is our Blessed Hope.

Arise, O Lord; let not man prevail: let the heathen be judged in thy sight. Put them in fear, O Lord: that the nations may know themselves to be but men. Selah. (Psalms 9:19, 20).