Volume 46 | Number 1 | January–February 2018

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An Open Letter to the People of the Foundations Bible Collegiate Church on the Death of Dr. Billy Graham

By Dr. H. T. Spence

Today (on February 21, 2018) we heard of the passing away of Dr. Billy Graham at the age of 99. He will go down in world history as a “Christian” gentleman who for sixty years was a world evangelist, a spiritual advisor to presidents of the United States, and the official spokesman for twentieth-century “evangelical” Christianity. His accolades will be numerous; memorial services around the world will be attended by prominent leaders, both governmental and religious. He was a man who became a friend to all, including to other prominent religions of the world. Even the liberals will be kind in their words of commendation of him and his memory.

His ministry from 1947 to 2005 included 417 crusades in 185 countries and territories, covering six continents. It is estimated that during his nearly 60 years of ministry, Billy Graham reached nearly 250 million people (face to face and by satellite). In 1973, his largest audience of 1.1 million people assembled at Yoido Plaza in Seoul, South Korea. Truly, his influence was global. Although his meetings for decades were commonly called crusades, after the September 11, 2001, attacks on the World Trade Center in New York, he began calling his meetings missions in order to not offend Muslims with the word crusade.

However, the Biblical Remnant of the End Time must never lose sight of what this man religiously embodied amidst his public gentleness, his kind and non-offensive manner, his declared love for humanity, and his global preaching. For he will be remembered in the annals of the End Time as perhaps the most eminent figure and noted patriarch of Neo-Christianity. Dr. Graham was truly the most prominent voice in modern history to influentially mongrelize the Christian Faith. Although his subtle heretical legacy has come to an end, the overwhelming damage he has produced will only deepen and intensify the pervading world apostasy in both politics and religion. We must not permit the alluring and subtle “evangelical” message of his earlier years to deceive us; for, his methods of deep compromise and ecumenicity watered down and finally destroyed publicly whatever evangelical message he preached. His message was a mixed gospel seed, tainted and polluted with the powers of the world. He truly did more damage to the biblical Gospel in the public arena than any other man of the twentieth century.

Let us note his contributions to the public demise of true Christianity. He was one of the key theological doctors who helped birth Neo-Christianity in the evangelical and fundamental stream which flowed into all the tributaries of Christianity. From the 1950s to the end of his life, he became the public relations spokesman for the movement. He helped birth Neo-Evangelicalism in the latter part of the 1940s and became its most prominent voice. He supported the growth of Neo-Pentecostalism that led to the birth of the Charismatic movement. He became the strong, sympathetic voice of full acceptance for the Roman Catholic Church, profoundly influencing Protestantism to return in a loving manner to the “Mother Church” of Rome. He became the liaison of the “evangelical” world to dialogue with Liberalism, Modernism, and even Neo-Orthodoxy, believing such a “coming together” of the dialectic divisions within the Christian canopy would be most profitable and “Christian” for the world. Back in the early 1950s, after receiving a standing ovation by 2,000 priests and nuns at his first address to a Roman Catholic college, Dr. Graham said the following:

I don’t know when it began. Perhaps during World War II . . . I think the emphasis that the late Pope John brought, the Ecumenical Council of the Bishops of Rome itself, a council that has the prayers of all Christendom, herald the present Christian revolution. . . . The emphasis of our time may be on the Holy Spirit. Everywhere people are gathering—Protestants, Catholics, and yes, Jews—to pray together. I know of 114 such groups on Long Island itself. Is the Holy Spirit in our time doing something that is beyond any of us?

To dare call the Second Vatican Council a work of the Holy Spirit is truly a blasphemous accolade from the Devil. Cardinal Cushing announced at the 1952 Boston Crusade, “Well, I am a Catholic, but I’m for you, Dr Graham. No Catholic can listen to you without becoming a better Catholic. You preach Catholic as well as Protestant doctrine.”

Though President Steve Pettit of Bob Jones University today has given words of commendation concerning Billy Graham, we must remember that Dr. Graham’s representative was refused attendance to the funeral of Bob Jones, Sr. in 1968. On February 8, 1965, Dr. Bob Jones, Jr., then president of Bob Jones University in Greenville, South Carolina, addressed his students and faculty at the University:

Dr. Graham has said he would go anywhere under any sponsorship. This is a pretty broad statement. That means that if a Buddhist priest invited him to go to preach in a pagoda under Buddhist sponsorship, he would go. That statement is as broad a statement as one can conceive. He did not say, “I would go to any Bible-believing church.” He said, “I will go anywhere under any sponsorship.” But wait, Dr. Graham’s public relations department states that he does not go under modernistic sponsorship—that he does not “sponsor” them and they do not “sponsor” him. I say this, and I say it bluntly; and I have said it in print—the public relations department of the Graham Organization and the people who answer the letters addressed to Dr. Graham do not seem to care whether they tell the truth or not. They are completely unscrupulous when it comes to misrepresenting the facts. They try by misdirection, deceit, and false statements to persuade the public they are not doing what they are doing. You cannot depend upon any statement that comes out officially from the Graham Organization as to what they are doing and as to what their stand is. They will tell you one thing one time, and they will tell you something else another.

In his tract against Billy Graham in the 1980s, Bob Jones III declared that Dr. Graham was the greatest enemy of true Christianity in the twentieth century. Truly, the University has changed its religious perspective of Billy Graham.

Additionally, Billy Graham has contributed to a “gospel of another kind” with his strong promotion of the contemporary music, performers, and composers. Dr. Graham has been the public promoter of Contemporary Christian Music while continuing to mix in the more traditional music of George Beverly Shea. He was soft on both communism and the worst of liberals; he sponsored many men who were open enemies of the Faith. He went so far to believe that there will be those in heaven who did not come by way of the Lord Jesus Christ, suggesting that the Body of Christ will include Buddhists and others. Such declarations from this man have neutralized the Gospel, making it palatable to the world without requiring true repentance and change of life. The world is filled with false prophets and teachers in this End Time of the last days. Billy Graham has been the most influential voice of the 20th century to attack the Truth of Scripture and its absolute and uncompromising message of separation. May God give us an eye to discern and an ear to hear the truth amidst the many voices of our time attempting to draw us away from the truth.