Volume 49 | Number 3 | May–July 2021

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A Christian Caught in the Throes of End-Time Mandates: What Will Be God’s Will in the Matter?

By Dr. H. T. Spence

Since the first of 2020, an aggressively growing quantity of written, oral, and debatable materials has flooded the internet concerning everything surrounding the COVID crisis and what needs to be done about it. The public forum presentation on the COVID-19, the Delta variant, and the ever-increasing draconian mandates concerning the vaccination and vaccine passports, all have their voices and collectively have literally created a barrage of information. Whatever perspective one takes, he will find a deluge of data supporting his position about the subject. One thing the flood of information has readily contributed to is the overwhelming state of confusion that now controls the world concerning this subject. It intelligently maintains “the Lie” of this whole pandemic debris that has purposefully propagandized the political, so-called scientific, and pseudo-medical worlds. All this material, carefully orchestrated with the powers of fear, now has brought our society to a state of perplexity. What is the truth about the vaccination, its content, its purpose, its hidden agenda, its side effects, its premature “ramrodding” force upon the populace, and its far-reaching dominating force on future generations?

We now live under a government that is not truthful with us. It casts a deceptive cloak of an Orwellian agenda that has proved not to be for our benefit and welfare but rather for its own coercive powers to control the people. Some countries have instituted more excessive control, even to the preparations of vaccine camps. Yet other countries are in the present quandary of when to move from intimidating its people into submission to finally forcing them to become submissive subjects to the state. It is one thing for an individual (Christian or non-Christian) to volunteer to take a vaccine, but another thing for such a soul-searching decision to be forced on the individual when that individual’s conscience before God is against it. When does a mandate in our generation become a true prelude of the mandate to the Mark of the Beast? When does a mandate become the controlling factor to eat in public restaurants, to travel, to buy, or to be in the presence of others? Several countries have liberated their people from such mandates (including masks, social distancing, limitation within restaurants, etc.) while maintaining a low COVID percentage. Yet certain countries have severely restricted their inhabitants from such liberties. Back in 2020, we were told that the masks were only for a few weeks, but they have been with us for over a year and a half. We were told that the vaccine would be a one-time thing; now we are told booster shots may be needed every few months. And how many variants of COVID have been prepared to invade our society and demand even more vaccinations?

Mr. Fauci is already informing us that another variant may be on the way. The pharmaceutical empire will be given absolute control of our lives and living, as these so-called mutating strains become more and more common among us. What is the Christian to do as these powers increase, whether by manipulative politicians or their reliance on a political pseudo-scientific community? Whatever perspective one may have of this, there is still God’s providence, either permitting or causing the growing invasion of these inflicting sicknesses. Nevertheless, how far are we to go in our submission to the demands of the government? Each Christian will need to conscientiously resolve these matters before God and His Word.

A Christian who will pursue in conscience the provisional religious exemption in the context of the mandatory COVID vaccination may find the pursuit to be more complicated than what seems to be so on the surface. It is true that businesses are required to make an effort to “reasonably accommodate” an individual who requests a religious exemption. But the Christian is going to find it more difficult to gain such an exemption, and more so to keep it intact as the pressure is placed upon him in a variety of intentionally subtle ways to eventually force the exemption out. The Christian must prepare for this.

We must also realize that according to the Word of God the End Time will be given to the forcing out of the Christian paradigm from society because of the growing inconvenience such a presence will have. The hour in which we live may catapult us into the providential throes of a new phase regarding religious exemptions in the End Time. But this may be the hour in which God will begin drawing His people away from certain employments that heretofore were most proper and honorable. Title VII of the Civil Rights Act kept a number of doors open for the professing Christian who was against personal vaccines, but such exemptions had to be approved by an authority figure from their religious establishment. Yet this approach is becoming a growing ethical problem. For example, in the case of the Roman Catholic Church, Pope Francis I has strongly promoted the COVID vaccine calling it “an act of love.” Thus, we may be witnessing an overwhelming majority of religious organizations that are strongly for the vaccines.

Certain employments such as in the medical field may now demand the vaccination claiming workplace safety; the default conclusion is the unvaccinated may bring others into harm’s way. Also, society is viewing the unvaccinated as disloyal and non-sympathetic individuals towards humanity; they perceive them as self-centered in their pursuit of a religious exemption. Such thinking, to the world, incurs problems that the medical staff and organizations simply believe they cannot afford to have present. The secular world, as the authority to make these decisions, will look beyond the conviction of “one” for the collective “good of the many.” Possibly the only provision to accommodate a religious exemption is for the worker to be isolated or forced to work from home. Additionally, we are at a time now that businesses may prefer to let the employee go rather than deal with the hassles the exemption creates. This is especially true if the pressure is being placed on the business by the government. This will become more and more evident not only in the medical community but also with schools or any place where large groups are brought together in one context.

In the personal realm there may be several reasons for exemption in the natural. For one, we have been caught in the vortex of a clinical experiment that is using global humanity for its experimentation. A limited reason against the vaccine has been its non-FDA approval (which takes several years), but full FDA approval has now been rushed (without public input or comment) for the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine (August 23, 2021); in the very near future approval will be given for the Moderna vaccine. This accelerated approval may be given to diminish most of the concerns and grievances voiced by the public. Because of this we may be witnessing in the days ahead more and more non-acceptance of exemptions, especially with the religious exemption.

When it comes to religious exemption, there are several reasons why Christians should be opposed to the vaccine mandate. All these reasons have their biblical injunction, and each becomes a part of the whole. But we must remember that the presuppositions and paradigms of the Christian have no meaning to the secular world. One of the great concerns that initially became obvious at the outset of the vaccines was the usage of fetal cell cultures and tissues that were part of the early stages of such vaccine preparations. The Christian is against abortion in any stage, as well as the usage of fetal cells for experimentation, even though the law of America permits it. To the world such scientific ideology is normal, but to the Christian such ideological views would strongly be against conscience. Using within my body that which violates the biblical principles I believe in is an attack against the very God I serve. Part of my biblical belief as a Christian is God’s creation of my body according to Psalm 139, being made in His image and likeness to become His temple of abode. But again, this is a paradigm that the world knows nothing about, as their presupposition is evolution, a denial of the very existence of our religious exemption.

The world declares that a woman has the right to do with her body what she freely desires to do, including the aborting of a baby within her body. Even the father of that child has no say-so. But we are told that the government has a right to dictate what is to be injected into our body, not only controlling it for the present time but also for the future. Yet, all of this is under the guise of saving and protecting society. And once such government mandates become part of my human existence, how far will I be forced to submit my body to the demands of our government and other appointed authorities? We are told that even the mandates of what is exempt and what is not concerning the injection of the “foreign” into my body is now the sole right of the government and no longer my right.

It is politically evident now that honorable religious exemption is one step away from extinction in our country. And it may be that God is now wanting to use this final critical hour to be the rejection of God’s people from certain vocations that they have had for many years. If the exemption is accepted, how many more weeks or months will it add to the employment before the world gives a final “no” to the honorable Christian testimony in the secular world? And if providence uses this hour to resolve our employment, we must believe it is to Christ’s glory and not a pragmatic decision to sustain our position a little longer. Either way, it is the world declaring “yea” or “nay” as to our continuation in their philosophical and naturalist world of control. Thus, in a history of an unknown vaccine thrust upon us in great prematurity (even from science’s standards), how are we to rationalize this situation and yield to such intrusion?

Therefore, what is the conclusion to the whole of the matter? It may be that God is telling us to withdraw at this hour from certain employment or to submit our plea of exemption to the world and see what will happen. But ultimately, the exemption will be temporary as the world is now moving radically into another paradigm shift where religion no longer plays a part. We may submit our best biblical, apologetic defense, but it will be the world that will give its permission to reside, exist, and work in its community. We must take into consideration that the present distress may be God’s appointed time for us to change employment or resolve our years of such employment. If God’s providence permits the Christian to linger a little longer in certain employment, that may be all it is, and the delay is to get us ready for the inevitable. We may be hearing the prelude words of the world making clear to us, “We no longer have accommodation for you as a Christian in our world.” Whatever happens at this crucial hour we are in God’s Hand. We must let Him decide and then submit to His will in the matter. God may not lead all Christians to request a religious exemption but be led of heaven to resign, trusting Him for the future. Trusting God is part of our rejection of the vaccine. Yet others may submit to the exemption. If the exemption is denied, we cannot go against conscience or change our position for the pragmatic need. We must maintain the course of conscience captive to the Word of God and let it lead where it may. May God lead His people as He desires to lead them, either collectively or individually.