Volume 50 | Number 1 | January—March 2022

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The World’s Call for a Final Revolution

By Dr. H. T. Spence

The national and global events of our more recent years have clarified that the so-called Deep State is ready to finalize the pursuit of a New World Order. It is seeking a revolution that will destroy everything we have held dear in this country. Part of this revolution has been the aggressive rise of a cancel culture to abolish all speech directed against this New World Order. Cancel culture is a modern form of what was known as ostracism, “a banishment from one’s native country; a being shut out from society, from favor, from privileges, or from association with one’s fellows.” When someone is thrust out of social or professional circles, whether it be online or in person, he is a victim of cancel culture. Those who are subjected to this ostracism are said to have been “canceled.”

Within our troublesome past several years, the idea that a person can be culturally blocked from having any public influence or career has escalated at alarming rates. When someone says or does something that others do not like, either something offensive, politically, socially, or religiously, an organized public will do everything they can on social media to destroy that individual, group, or organization. Individuals begin calling upon the public to cancel that person’s influence. How often we have witnessed this even against those who have taken a stand for Christ and His Word. Many cases begin with a set-up orchestrated by a few people who then press friends and associates to call upon the social media to blitz the radio and television stations with manufactured condemnations to boycott companies or even ministries. The desire is that the public backlash, often fueled by an immoral or politically progressive social media, will quell the influence of this person or organization. The resolve of cancel culture has become one of “erasing of history, encouraging lawlessness, silencing citizens, and violating free exchange of ideas, thoughts, and speech.” Cancel culture has become a powerful tool to destroy the Conservative perspective of politics and even religion. Social media strongly embrace and execute canceling as a weapon to overthrow truth.

The logic for the present overthrow of the past America is founded upon the belief that the American Revolution of 1776 and the French Revolution of 1789 are products of the same dynamic forces. This is far from the truth! Though there was a thriving exchange of ideas between the United States and France during the eighteenth century, the aims of the founding fathers in America and the ideologies of the revolutionaries in France were of two very different persuasions. The American Revolution produced a constitution and a government based on biblical principles of Christianity. The French revolution was, at its core, anti-Christian. We must realize that the motivation of the French Revolution was rebellion against the Church under the influence of deists and freethinkers such as Rousseau and Descartes. The revolutionaries in France sought to remove God from His Throne and to substitute reason in His place. We must remember that the French Revolution was a product of the atheist Enlightenment. It was based on the glorification of man and the exaltation of human reason and learning. While the founding fathers in America humbled themselves before a wise and loving God, Rousseau complained, “Man was born free, but everywhere he is in chains!”

The Contradistinction Between America and France

I remember my dear father telling me a story from the American Revolution concerning a British officer who was separated from his unit. When trying to silently make his way through the trees back to camp, he approached a clearing where he came upon an American general on his knees, hands clasped in deep and fervent prayer. As the Englishman looked on, his heart sank and tears came to his eyes, for he saw that the praying officer was General George Washington, commander of the American forces. “When I saw that sight,” he said later, “I knew we were defeated. For any army whose commander was so humble before Almighty God could never lose the war.”

It must be said that America believed in God at its beginning; He was the reason we became a great nation. The framers of the Constitution fully understood that without appropriate checks and balances, any government of men would inevitably grow corrupt. Vile corruptness is where government is today; basically, there are no checks and balances. Political systems have now found ways to rig and control voting systems; in America we are now witnessing a cold and calculated overpowering dishonesty in a voting system ruled with a rod of iron and by graft and greed. Last year’s revelation from several of our states proved that we have entered a corrupt season of fraud and forgery that controls the once privileged opportunity of free and fair elections in America. Integrity and honesty no longer safeguard the voting in America. An oligarchic government (by the few) now has taken control of America.

At our birth our forefathers framed a document that limited the power and authority of government. The Declaration of Independence declared, “We hold these truths to be self-evident that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights . . .” But those rights did not, by any means, suggest absolute license. James Madison, generally recognized as the Father of the Constitution, wrote, “If men were angels, no government would be necessary.” So, the American documents of government protected the rights of the individual (a Republic), while they also imposed certain responsibilities and limitations. It must be acknowledged that Providence truly was respected in these original documents.

Contrary to America’s founding, the revolutionary government of France took a very different approach. It became the goal of these revolutionaries to dismantle the European heritage of civilization and the Christian legacy of Scripture. We must remember that men like Rousseau did not believe in original sin. Rousseau hated European civilization precisely because he saw it as a product of Christianity. He did not believe in the right to private property. Voltaire once stated that the only way to have good laws was to burn the existing ones and start all over again. In essence, that was what the French Revolution sought to accomplish.

French revolutionists went as far as to propose abolishing the Christian calendar and beginning a new calendar in which year one began with their revolution. Ultimately it was not moral outrage that stopped these revolutionaries; it was European nationalism. The nations on either side of France felt no respect for the French Revolution; if anything, they feared and resented it. They refused to support what they believed to be an arrogant and insane ideology.

Another curious mark of the French Revolution’s antagonism toward God was manifested in the way they labeled themselves as “left-wingers.” When the National Assembly split into factions, the conservatives sat on the right side of the hall and the revolutionaries chose the left. The historian and librarian of Congress James Billington wrote the following:

The subsequent equation of the left with virtue dramatized revolutionary defiance of Christian tradition, which had always represented those on the right of God as saved and those on the left as damned.

It is interesting to note in Matthew 25:31–34 the division that will come between the sheep and the goats. So great was the revolutionaries’ hatred of Christ, His Word, and the Church (institutional and Romanist), that the radical reformers chose to be identified with those on the left as evidence of their rage. These revolutionaries sought to acknowledge man as God. They believed all individuals had the power of the Divine within themselves and that each could do whatever he believed to be right, short of harming another. Today that precept is enshrined in the French Declaration of Rights, Article Four, which states, “Liberty consists in whatever does not harm another.”

The aftermath of the Revolution of 1789 remains one of the bloodiest and most outrageous atrocities in history. The idealism of the early leaders quickly degenerated into terror and chaos. They executed their king, even after he had sworn allegiance to the new constitution. Then, under Robespierre, tens of thousands of merchants, tradesmen, landowners, and nobles were executed. The rioting and bloodshed provided a pretext for slaughtering one’s enemies, for whatever reason, throughout France. It is interesting to note that eventually Robespierre himself was sent to the guillotine, and after a prolonged period of anarchy, Napoleon Bonaparte came forth from the disorder and crowned himself as emperor. It is a classic pattern: after the collapse of an empire, a bloodthirsty dictator rises to power.

America the Fallen

America has now entered another revolution! This second revolution of radical change that we are presently witnessing is not established upon the principles for God, for truth, for liberty, or for the rights of men. This revolution is for the overthrow of America’s former days of glory and purpose. The present leaders in power are systematically overthrowing historic America. They exist to bring about the fall of the former order of the country and are intent on building the new.

But how will this massive change happen? First, every nation must come to dissolution of its national integrity, its morals, and its individualism. Our country has already witnessed the overthrow of its first Republic government; now we are witnessing the overthrow of democracy in America. America is now truly run by an oligarchic government of an elite few who are ushering our drift toward increasing socialism to then embrace communism. However, communism is not their final objective. A final dictatorial, anti-God totalitarianism will arise marking the demise of the American experiment.

Prophetically, all nations that do not take this form of government will be assimilated by other nations. Even a Muslim government brings its countries to this absoluteness of dictatorship. America has now come to the beginning of its end; we have crossed the border into hopelessness where our country will never return to its sanity. We are just waiting for the right country and governmental power to step forward and assimilate our treasures and glory.

America and Israel

Although President Donald Trump took the bold incentive to move the American Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, the world has hated this historic move, including the present presidential administration in Washington. How will they reverse this meaningful move? It is evident that Christianity has become fair game for the media, for authors and columnists, for filmmakers, for artists, for feminists, for abortionists, for Marxists, for pornographers, for liberal politicians, for atheists, and even for many who call themselves Christians. But though the Christians have received an intense degree of hatred and persecution, the Jews have also received a deep hatred from nearly every corner of humanity in every generation. As for the American Jewish community, there are a few who are most sympathetic to the social concerns of the more conservative Christians. A larger portion of Jews are indifferent. However, liberal Jews are in the majority and have forsaken biblical faith in God; they have made a religion of political liberalism. Liberal Jews are passionately of the pro-choice, pro-abortion position, which, ironically, uses the same thinking as Nazi exterminators in World War II. They are set against prayer in the schools and public expressions of religion.

Yet, anyone who has ever been to Israel knows that prayer is open and public there. The Jews in Israel are trying to build and populate a nation. There is no debate over prayer in the schools. Israelis welcome religious expression. For centuries, Christians have supported the dream of Zionism, and they have supported Jews in their dream of a national homeland. Nevertheless, many American Jews invest great energy in attacking these very allies of Israel in America. We must remember that liberal Jews in America are doing all they can to undermine the public strength of Christianity (even if it is Neo-Christianity). It should be equally clear that the liberal, wealthy Jews voted for Democratic candidates Carter, Mondale, Dukakis, Clinton, Obama, and even Hillary Clinton. Surprisingly, nearly eighty percent of the Jews in America are identified with the liberal left, and many are atheists.

There is another shift now in America against Israel; we strongly believe there will be dire consequences for our nation’s withdrawal and refusal to help Israel. Amidst the coming radical change concerning the nation of Israel, we will witness the isolation of the Jews intensify in the world. They will be more and more placed into cancel-culture status as the days unfold the deep radical changes taking place in America. We are witnessing quickly a world alliance being formed to bring about the New World Order, which will include the isolation of Israel. The United Nations, without such an order has branded Zionism as “racism.” Most of the nations which make up the United Nations General Assembly have an almost pathological hatred of Israel. It will be evident that America will no longer support nor defend Israel. When this happens, the tiny nation will find itself all alone in the world. The future Antichrist will feign to be Israel’s friend amidst the global hatred against them. But once their temple is rebuilt, the Antichrist will enter its Holy of Holies and present himself as the singular god of the world. He will do this through the religion of the Jews.

The Present Ideology of America

Certain historians have declared that America has long “been in the world but not of the world.” To understand this statement, we must go back in our history and observe that since at least the mid-18th century, the United States has maintained a position of isolationism, standing aloof from the global marketplace. But after World War II, America had more military might than any nation in history. It had more wealth and more global reach than any nation of this or any other time. America was not prepared by its concept of culture to assume the role of an empire. Thus, it was not in America’s perspective to do as England did: it did not want to go overseas and create colonial possessions or empires; it seemed that America simply wanted to help others to know the liberty it had through God’s providence—to be a nation of freedom.

From the time of George Washington, the United States developed its tradition of isolation so that it would not get involved in “entangling alliances” in Europe or other countries. America’s role to rule the world or to become the global police was alien to its thinking. However, after World War II, with all the nations of Asia and Europe in chaos, the world was attracted to the American dollar and the American system of mass production. American goods went everywhere, and America’s share of the world’s wealth grew quickly. Though our geography and democratic individualism tended to keep us emotionally detached from greater world concerns, we were drawn more and more into the needs of the world. As more and more countries looked to America for financial and military aid, America more and more set out to help the world.

With its post-World War II reasoning and a $9 billion annual budget, America set out to rebuild the world. Oh, how unwisely we became involved with countries around the world! We funded the Marshall Plan, sent industrial economists and engineers into Japan, built military bases around the globe, and began paying billions of dollars in aid to dozens of foreign nations on five continents. (This aid has massively increased in recent years.) But along the way a great problem arose. Post-war America lost the very things that had made it great: namely, our faith in God and our individual self-reliance. A strong Neo-Christianity began to arise after World War II and left the country spiritually impotent to deal with what would come in the 1960s Rock and Roll era, the 1970s occult powers, the invasion of Eastern Religions, and the spiraling rise of sodomy, pornography, human trafficking, and the dark, perverted world of pedophilic obsessions. The spiritual apostasy that has devoured our land and leads our political and religious leaders has contributed to the absolute destruction of our land. The falling away of Christianity among Christians has brought our nation to its present condition. We have no power to face what we are facing. And thus, we pray for mercy now within the final siege and overthrow of our nation.

Today we are inhabitants of a new and different world. As we carefully look from east to west, we are witnessing new adversaries on every horizon. Furthermore, America is no longer an island; for the world has come to our shores to buy and sell our land, to proselyte our people to every religion, and to reside and mongrelize our beliefs and government. We have witnessed in the past two years the overthrow and loss of America’s historic identity.

Oh, the warning from President George Washington:

Of all the dispositions and habits which lead to political prosperity, religion and morality are indispensable supports. In vain would that man claim the tribute of patriotism, who should labor to subvert these great pillars of human happiness, these firmest props of the duties of men and citizens.

We have seen for many decades the ACLU everywhere dismantling the traditions of our moral culture; now the present Washington administration is intentionally destroying the very fabric of morality in our nation, thread by thread.

Dear reader, what are we witnessing across this once precious “land of the free and the home of the brave”? There are still a few liberties lingering amidst the powers of death and damnation stalking across our land. Our public education from sea to blackened sea has become the cesspool of iniquity, with transgenderism and all forms of strange flesh filling the minds of our kindergarten through high school youth. The educational system of America has become the breeding ground of the weird, the obscene, the perverted and inverted, the training ground of sins that have not been known before. Our public educational system is rotting from within as the teachers of perversions have taken control, and teachers with any sanity have no authority to contradict. Textbooks by some of the vilest and lowest authors have become the training manuals and academic spokesmen of our country. The world and the coming generation of leaders will be educated to become a twofold child of hell. Yes, the behaviorists who control the education establishment are in high gear to destroy the next generation with deconstructionist rhetoric and anarchist ideologies. Several commentators from England have declared on many occasions recently, that if the top three leaders of America are the best the country has for leadership, the country is in the worst condition in its history.

Our pluralistic country is now besieged with false religions of the Orient, of the New Age movement, of Islam, and even of apostate Christianity. From the ruins of human thought, man has expanded his hatred for God. America can never be known again as “one nation under God.”

A Final Word and Burden

There have been no reservations in Washington to fully open the floodgate concerning both the perversions and inversions of immorality in our nation. God has given our country over to the reprobate mind of Romans 1. Early in 2021, the U.S. House of Representatives passed one of the most perverse pieces of legislation in American history: The Equality Act. The Equality Act is a full threat to life as we know it in America. It will be an epoch paradigm shift that will forever change the course of our history, and its influence will have a profound effect upon the entire world. It will deeply affect all people, businesses, and even churches and every ministry across America. It is an Act that is boldly and aggressively against God, His Word, and even our religious freedom. Under the broad reach of the Equality Act, schools, churches, and hospitals could be forced to accept the government’s beliefs and mandates about sexual orientation and gender identity. This Equality Act is highly intrusive into our lives and beliefs, and would force us to submit, bow, and surrender to the wicked and dark persuasions and perversities of sodomy and all its appendages. It will threaten everyday speech, where people can be fined or lose their jobs for using the wrong names or pronouns. The Equality Act will legislate that we allow boys in girls’ sports, boys in girls’ locker rooms, men in women’s shelters, and men in women’s prisons. It will force teachers and students to publicly pretend that a biological male is a female or vice versa. Schools will be coerced to instruct first, second, and third graders that they can choose to be a boy or a girl, or neither, or both, making biological sex (and science) a belief of antiquity. The Equality Act will use the force of law across all fifty states to threaten the right of Christian and other religious ministries to hire people of like faith to pursue a mutually perceived mission. Have we come to an hour that the government has the power to force a ministry to hire people who do not have the same beliefs, teachings, and mission vision—or who might even be intensely hostile toward its deeply held convictions and biblical principles and beliefs? Why is there such an obsession in our nation’s leadership to turn all our children, our youth, our young adults, and even the aged into a society of crazed maniacs of perverted living and obsession to strange flesh?

The Equality Act will strip health professionals of their rights of conscience. It will force doctors and medical professionals who long to do no harm to engage in gender transition treatments such as hormone-blocking, cross-sex hormones, or surgery. The Equality Act will be a tool used by the government to deny or threaten accreditation to religious colleges and universities if they do not satisfy the demands of the secular Left to apply sexual orientation and gender identity to dorms, sports, places of privacy, and even teachings.

God’s people must get ready for the new view of life that is coming to the planet. Truly the world is in the final transitional change for the coming of the Antichrist New World Order. These changes and paradigm shifts should once again call us to the last prayer of the Bible, “Even so, come, Lord Jesus.”

“Help, LORD; for the godly man ceaseth; for the faithful fail from among the children of men” (Ps. 12:1). May God have mercy on us in these days when truth has fallen in the streets and lawlessness rules the land.